Vision and Mission Statement

بیوگرافی شرکت سولار گستر

According to the strong industrial support of our mother company (Tarashkadeh Co.) and the environment situation of the universe, SGA-ECo. is attempting to get closer to the environmental technology boundaries. SGA-ECo. tends to achieve this goal by exploiting the knowledge and creativity of Iranian scientists and engineers.

Improving photovoltaic solar power systems in villages, houses and solar power plants, can be considered as the most important part of SGA-ECo. efforts in Iranian electrical engineering industry. Also the importation and installation of environmental instrumentations are another field of SGA-ECo. efforts for improving the level of living standards in Iranian society.

Another important goal is to promote the security and comfort of people in official, business and residential environments. Therefore, SGA-ECo. has developed its activities to CCTV camera systems, building management systems (BMS), fire alarm systems, telecommunication and IT systems, etc. In parallel with the mentioned services, SGA-ECo. has also entered to city telecommunication network, transmission and distribution networks fields.

We hope we could improve the level of electrical engineering industry services in Iran to the top level in the world, by exploiting the abilities of SGA-ECo. experts.