بیوگرافی شرکت سولار گستر

In 2011 some members of the board of directors of Tarashkadeh Co. which was established in 1983 and is one of the pioneers in mechanical and agricultural machines industries, decided to develop their activities to electrical engineering industry. They established Solar Gostar Alborz Engineering Co. (SGA-ECo), in order to improve Iranian electrical engineering industry services by exploiting professional and engaged engineers.

In 2011, according to the development of the industries in Iran and the increased requirement to electrical energy, and also the importance of security and protection of human being environment, SGA-ECo. decided to focus on photovoltaic solar power systems. Therefore, SGA-ECo. is one of the pioneers in solar power industry in Iran.

In 2013, SGA-ECo. was developed to more electrical engineering services such as environmental instrumentations, pollution control systems, security CCTV camera systems, building management systems (BMS), fire alarm systems, telecommunication systems and IT. SGA-ECo. has also been entered to city telecommunication and transmission and distribution networks fields, so as to improve social public engineering services.

According to the mechanical support from the mother company (Tarashkadeh Co.), SGA-ECo. has been managed to design and construct all steel-structures needed for all projects, such as PV panel holders, lighting poles, telecommunication towers, transmission and distribution towers, etc. SGA-ECo. is also considered as one of the most important suppliers of such structures for other partner companies.